ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Commission Competition

To submit works to the ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Commission Competition first please review the information page for eligibility and rules for submission.  There is also a FAQ.

When ready to submit your work, use the instructions on the Conference Submissions page.

Note: although submissions to the ASCAP/SEAMUS competition use the same portal, the ASCAP/SEAMUS and conference submissions are separately reviewed and considered independently from each other. If you are submitting the same work to both the ASCAP/SEAMUS competition and the conference you must submit the work twice, once in each category.


09 2013

Call for Works and Submissions are open for SEAMUS 2014 at Wesleyan University

The Call for Works and general information for our 2014 SEAMUS National Conference, at Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut is available at The conference will be held March 27-29.

Submissions are open, today, hosted by  Start from the conference website Submit Works page to review the categories of submission. Once linked to SoftConf you will create an account and password, which will allow you to return to your submission at a later time for updates, withdrawals, and completion, up to the October 15 deadline.  This is a firm, automated deadline (world-wide close of day) so begin final media uploads well in advance of the final few hours. Please note that this year we are accepting one submission in each of the concert, research, and ASCAP/SEAMUS categories. If you submit more than one to any of these categories, only your most recent submission will be forwarded to reviewers.

In addition to our normal concerts and research presentations, co-hosts Ron Kuivila and Paula Matthusen are organizing a series of special events called “Open Window” to which submissions may be made in addition to the concert and research presentations. Note: submissions to Open Window events (which include installations) are bundled together in a single submission page.  There is one submission per Open Window category, all on a single page.

Instructions for submissions may be found on the conference website, or on this page.


05 2013

Call for Proposals to Host SEAMUS 2015

The Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) invites proposals from institutions to host the SEAMUS 2015 National Conference.  This is a three-day conference to be given, preferably, during March or April 2015.  The conference will include concerts of new electroacoustic music, videos, and research presentations on a variety of topics related to electroacoustic music.

Hosting a SEAMUS conference draws national attention to an institution and its programs related to composition, computer music, and arts technology.  The normal registered attendance is 150-200, drawn from faculty and students from leading academic programs, research and development professionals, and independent creative professionals from across the nation. The conference offers host faculty opportunities for national-level performances, and frequently draws renowned guest performers.  It is the focal point of the ASCAP/SEAMUS student composition competition, and each year features a prominent national figure as recipient of the SEAMUS Award.

Proposals may be submitted by a member of SEAMUS who will act as host or co-host for the conference.  It is highly advised that potential hosts work directly with the Director of Conferences to develop drafts and the final proposal.  Sample proposals and budgets from recent conferences are available for review.

See for more details. Questions may be addressed to Christopher Hopkins, Director of Conferences.

Deadline for proposals is September 1, 2013.


04 2013

New Newsletter!

It’s that odd time of the year, when we summarize the current conference, and begin to make plans for the next one!  It reminds me of hearing the stories about the people who make the floats for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: the work on next  year’s floats begins the day after the Parade.

Besides the Conference news, you’ll also find an updated Board list at the back of this edition of the Newsletter.

As usual, there is the Member News, which includes announcements of recent performances, recordings, and other news items.

Read it here:


06 2012

October 2011 issue of SEAMUS Newsletter

The latest issue of the SEAMUS Newsletter is here – a tribute to Max Matthews (with contributions by Jon Appleton, Jean-Claude Risset, and Mari Kimura), and a few other announcements.

You can read it all here:


Anthony Cornicello


10 2011

New issue of SEAMUS Newsletter

The latest issue of the SEAMUS Newsletter is here, and it’s one of our bigger issues – 20 pages! The issue’s main focus is the tribute to Milton Babbitt, who passed away earlier this year. I am thrilled that the tribute contains essays by Jon Appleton, Eric Chasalow, Hubert Howe, Peter Jarvis, Jeffrey Kresky, Paul Lansky, David Saperstein, and Robert Taub. There is also a review of Reaper, a multi-platform DAW.  Also, you can read the official announcement and call for submissions for SEAMUS 2011.

All that, and Member News as well.

You can read it all here:


Anthony Cornicello


06 2011

Announcing the Jan/Feb 2011 Newsletter

The first issue of the 2011 Newsletter is here! The current issue contains a review of the EMPAC Fall 2010 concerts, Member News, and announcements from SEAMUS.  You can download your copy from here:



03 2011

New SEAMUS Newsletter is here! (Oct/Nov 2010)

The latest issue of the SEAMUS Newsletter is available for download here.

There’s an interview with Mike Rosenstark, where he discusses Limited Feedback Interaction, which is a fascinating way of producing improvised electronic music.   Also in this issue are CD reviews, a preview of the HighC program, and the usual member news.


Anthony Cornicello


11 2010


Issue 3 of the 2010 SEAMUS Newsletter is here, featuring an interview with Joel Chadabe, CD reviews, and member news.

You can download your copy here.


09 2010

SEAMUS Newsletter is here!

Issue 2 of the 2010 SEAMUS Newsletter is here, featuring an interview with Curtis Roads, a SEAMUS 2010 recap, and a tribute to James Brody and Franz Kamin.

Also, a new design for the newsletter!

You can download your copy here.


06 2010