SEAMUS Newsletter for August

A Tale of Two Austins…

Yes, in this issue, we have interviews with Larry Austin (part two), and Kevin Austin.

I should mention that Larry Austin is now out of the hospital, and well on the road to recovery, news that I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear.

The interview with Kevin Austin was conducted by Evan Merz. The focus of the conversation is Stockhausen’s monumental Kontakte, a work which has fascinated Kevin since he first heard it more than 40 years ago. His analysis of the work has produced a listening guide, which truly sheds new light on to the piece.

I’d like to call to your attention the new names on the SEAMUS board. Please welcome Evan Merz as our new SEAMUS webmaster, Sam Heuck, the new database manager, John Lato, who will serve as our email list coordinator, and Gary Knudson, who takes on the job of webmaster for the SEAMUS Journal.


10 2009