I-Park Foundation Thanatopolis Prizes

The I-Park Foundation is pleased to announce its first
Thanatopolis Prizes in music composition.

The I-Park Foundation, a not-for-profit international arts
community sited within an expansive nature preserve in East
Haddam, Connecticut, is seeking three separate music
compositions for the Thanatopolis Project, an alternative
memorial park/space in the advanced conceptual phase of its
development. I-Park is looking for works that harmonize with
the long-term goal of Thanatopolis, which is to re-imagine our
cultural and personal relationship to death, memory and
memorialization – and to engage the fields of music
composition/sound sculpture and other artistic and creative
disciplines to bring about a new and powerfully sacred and
evocative landscape/sound-space.

A $2,000.00 cash award will be granted in each of the following
three categories:

Memorial Composition

This piece should be between 4 and 12 minutes in length and be
thematically appropriate for a (at this point,
non-denominational or virtual) memorial ’service’ within the
Thanatopolis Space. I-Park is soliciting existing compositions
that lend themselves to a live performance by a chamber ensemble
or as a pre-recorded presentation with at least some live
elements. The submitted piece ought not to have been previously
awarded a major prize in the field.

Tone Sequence/Annunciation

For the Tone Sequence/Annunciation, I-Park is looking for an
iconic new composition. The piece will likely mark the
commencement and/or conclusion of the official memorial ceremony
or serve as an ‘effect’ within the memorial ritual. The piece
is intended to be a cry, an alert, a pleading or invocation.
The selection should be in the range of 20 – 60 seconds in
length and be, to some considerable degree, site responsive -
referring to the Thanatopolis Space.


Unlike the Tone Sequence/Annunciation, which is a relatively
short audio phrase, the Processional is an extended new
composition that should range in length from 5 – 15 minutes,
though it could incorporate major elements of repetition or
cadence. The Processional will accompany the physical movement
of participants during a transitional phase within the memorial
ritual. It is intended to enhance the experience of the
physical transition.

Entry Fee: waived for this project Application Format: online
submission through the I-Park website

Deadline: all submissions must be received by July 5, 2010

Jury Format: blind competition

Restrictions: no restrictions as to nationality, age or gender

Musical Style: no restrictions

Acoustic vs Digital Instrumentation: open

Orchestration, Vocal Elements: see

Thanatopolis Overview: http://www.i-park.org/Thanos.html

I-Park Website: www.i-park.org

Questions: contact Claire Jeffreys at Thanatopolis (at) gmail (dot) com

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