The Walden School Teacher Training Institute

The Walden School’s Teacher Training Institute offers unique professional development opportunities to help music educators sharpen their musicianship skills, enrich their teaching with imaginative activities, and more effectively guide the creative voices of their students. Weekend workshops and weeklong intensives are designed for composers, college professors, public and private school music teachers, and private instructors interested in learning proven methods for introducing or further developing composition and improvisation activities in the classroom or studio. Interactive sessions with master teachers include daily classes in musicianship, computer music, solfege, rhythms, and improvisation and provide participants with innovative ideas and specific teaching tools based upon an original music pedagogy, initially developed by Grace Newsom Cushman, that has had proven success for more than 50 years.

The 2011 Teacher Training Institute runs from August 3 – August 10. Please visit our website (  for more information and for an application.

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