Each year, a CD compilation is released of what SEAMUS National Conference attendees vote as the ‘best of show’. Presenting the SEAMUS CD Series. In the coming months, these CDs will be available for on-line purchase at the SEAMUS Store portal of this site. In the meanwhile, you may order items from the CD Series from SEAMUS directly via US mail using the order form PDF, or through the Electronic Music Foundation’s CDeMusic catalog.

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Music from SEAMUS • Volume 1

Spontaneous Combustion (1991) – James Mobberley
…….for saxophone with computer-generated accompaniment.
…….Timothy Simmons, saxophone
Chordlines (1990) – James Phelps for tape
Remembering (1989, revised 1993) – Anna Rubin
…….for soprano, piano and tape.
…….Judith Kellock, soprano, Karl Paulnack, piano
Improvisation on Strange Attractors v1.0b (1990) – Stephen David Beck
…….for bassoon and Virtual Instrument Paradigm.
…….William Ludwig, bassoon
Still Life (1986) – Bernardo Feldman – composition for tape
Ring Shades (1990) – Kwok-ping John Chen
…….for solo percussion with two-channel tape.
…….Heung-Wing Lung, percussion
Price: $14.00 USD

Music from SEAMUS • Volume 2

Time Mark (1989) – Scott A. Wyatt
…….for solo percussion with tape accompaniment.
…….Glenn Schaft, percussion
Liaisons (1991) – Jeffrey Hass.for tape
Barroco (1991) – Barry Schrader
…….for Harpsichord and electronics.
…….Alissa Rhode, harpsichord
Paraptra (1991) – Cort Lippe for tape
Amalgam I (1988) – Charles Norman Mason
…….for oboe and tape.
…….David Weber, oboe
from Wordscapes (1991) – George Todd .for tape.
CAUTION TO THE WINDS (1991) – James Mobberley
…….for piano with tape accompaniment.
…….Richard Cass, piano
Price: $14.00 USD

Music from SEAMUS • Volume 3

Order and Alliance (1991) – Larry Nelson
…….for piano and tape.
…….Barry Hannigan, piano
Counterpoints (1992) – Scott A. Wyatt
…….for soprano saxophone w/ tape accompaniment/live processing.
…….Debra Richtmeyer, sax
Triple Play (1992) – Joseph Koykkar
…….for piano with sampler and Yamaha MIDI Disklavier.
…….Todd Welbourne, piano
in mosaic (1992) – Joseph L. Anderson for tape
The Blazing Macaw (1992) – Charles Norman Mason
…….for piano with tape accompaniment.
…….Thomas Bagwell, piano
Love’s Not Time’s Fool (1992) – Stephen David Beck
…….for wind controller, Yamaha TX802 synthesizer and computer.
…….Griffin Campbell, wind controller
Fast Forward (1988) – Eric David Chasalow
…….for two percussionists and tape.
……. Arthur Jarvinen and Amy Knoles, percussion
Whitewash (1992) – Paul Koonce for tape
Price: $14.00 USD

Music from SEAMUS • Volume 4

Six etudes breves (1990) – Jon Christopher Nelson
…….for violincello and tape..
…….Rhonda Rider, violincello
scrub-reverse (1992) – Mark Edward Gibbons
…….for amplified violin, interactive electronics and tape.
…….Todd Reynolds, amplified violin
Over the Edge (1986) – Eric David Chasalow
…….for flute and electronic sounds.
…….Patricia Spencer, flute
Elements 1.1: sulphur, phosphorus; diamond (1992-93) – Judy Klein for tape
Trio for Cello and Digital Processor (1991) – Tom Flaherty
…….for cello and digital processor.
…….Tom Flaherty, cello
The Raven’s Kiss (1993) – Howard Jonathan Fredrics for tape
Another Violin (1993) – Daniel Weymouth
…….for MIDI-violin and computer-interactive electronics.
…….Todd Reynolds, MIDI-violin
Price: $14.00 USD

Music from SEAMUS • Volume 5

Hothouse (1992) – Paul Koonce for tape
Quartet for Viola, Cello, and Digital Processor (1994) – Tom Flaherty.
Cynthia Fogg, viola. Tom Flaherty, cello
Reflections on a Poem by e.e. cummins (1994) – Greg D’Alessio
…….for English Horn and tape.
…….Mark Hill, English Horn
do you love me? (1994) – Bobby Lombardi for two-channel tape
…….Extensions for Solo Percussion and Tape (1994) – Karl Korte.
…….George A. Frock, percussion
Rare Events (1995) – Daniel Weymouth
…….for bass clarinet and computer-altered tape
Vagvisa För Mitt Ofödda Barn (1995) – Howard Jonathan Fredrics
…….for soprano and tape.
…….Lori Joachim Fredrics, soprano
Price: $14.00 USD

Music from SEAMUS • Volume 6

Mirrors, Stones, and Cotton (1996) – Charles Norman Mason
…….for guitar and tape.
…….Paul Bowman, guitar
CELLAR (1994-95) – Elainie Lillios for tape
CrusT (1996) – Matt Ingall
…….for clarinet and tape.
…….Matt Ingalls, clarinet
By Heart (1996) – Rachel McInturff for tape
A Time of Being (1996) – Scott A. Wyatt
…….for mixed chorus, percussion and tape.
…….University of Illinois Concert Choir. Chester L. Alwes, conductor.
…….Elaine Gary, percussion
Icarus Wept (1996) – James Mobberley
……. II. – Intermezzoid #1 – Getting Waxed
……. III. – Climbing the Blue Staircase
……. IV. – Intermezzoid #2: Somebody Else’s Face
……. V. – Eleven Feet From The Sun
…….for trumpet and tape.
…….Keith Benjamin, trumpet
Keyed Up (1995) – Jeffrey Hass
…….for two amplified pianos and tape.
…….Paul Barnes and Ann Chang-Barnes, pianos .
Price: $14.00 USD

Music from SEAMUS • Volume 7

Hollow Ground II (1996) – Tom Lopez
…….for soprano and tape
……. Larisa Montanaro, soprano
SATX (1994) – William Rice for tape
Interzones (1996) – Bruce Hamilton
…….for vibraphone and tape.
…….Bruce Hamilton, vibraphone
They Wash Their Ambassadors in Citrus and Fennel (1994) – Jon Christopher Nelson
…….for voice and tape.
…….Heidi Dietrich Klein, mezzo-soprano
f(Ear) (1997)* – Matt Ingalls for tape
Passage (1991) – Glenn Hackbarth
…….for piano, percussion and tape
…….Vicki Ray, piano David Johnson, percussion

*commissioned by the ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Commission Competition
Price: $14.00 USD

Music from SEAMUS • Volume 8

Flying Apples (1994) – Kui Dong for tape
Critical Mass (1997) – Michael Pounds for tape
Opposed Directions (1998) – HyeKyung Lee
…….for Disklavier and live electronics.
…….HyeKyung Lee, soprano
Moto (1998)* – Bruce Hamilton for tape
Origami Animae (1997) – Rachel McInturff for tape
Music for Piano and Computer (1996) – Cort Lippe.
…….Yoshiko Shibuya, piano
Private Play (1997) – Scott A. Wyatt for tape
Beams! (1986) – James Mobberley
…….for trombone and tape.
…….John Leisenring, trombone

*commissioned by the ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Commission Competition
Price: $14.00 USD

Music from SEAMUS • Volume 9

IN->EX (1998) – Andrew Walters
The Twittering Machine (1995) – Andrew May
Release (1998)* – Michael Pounds
Pipeline Burst Cache (1998) – Craig Walsh
Other Terrains (1998) – Jon Christopher Nelson
Into the Maelstrom (1992) – James Mobberley
Matices Coincidentes (1998) – Pablo Furman

*commissioned by the ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Commission Competition
Price: $14.00 USD

Music from SEAMUS • Volume 10

Scatter (2000) – Jon Christopher Nelson for tape
Turnstile (1999) – Douglas Geers
…….for violin with computer-generated sounds
Oscillococcinum (2000)* – William ‘Pete’ Moss for tape
superstrings (1999) – Adrian Moore for tape
freak Show (2000)* – Daniel Worley for tape
arturo (1998) – Elainie Lillios for tape
TaleSpin (2000) – Russell Pinkston
…….for Disklavier and electronic sounds

*commissioned by the ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Commission Competition
Price: $14.00 USD

Music from SEAMUS • Volume 11

Dervish Dances (1994) – Russell Pinkston for tape
Earth Asending (2000)* – Elainie Lillios
…….for female voice and electroacoustic music.
…….Deborah Norin-Kuehn, voice.
Taedet animam meam (1999) – Colby Leider for tape
Study for Vox Inhumana (2000) – James Mobberley for tape
Archetypal Infusion: MemEry2k (2000) – Paul Oehlers
…….for harp and electoacsoutic music.
…….Ann Yeung, harp
Summer Rain – Dawn (2000) Hidekp Kawamoto for tape
In the Arms of Peril (2001) – Scott A. Wyatt for tape
Suspicious Motives (1999) – Eric Chasalow
…….for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and tape.
…….Susan Gall, flute; Jennifer Lucht, cello; Willian Kirkley, clarinet; S
…….arah Thornblade, violin; Michael Adelson, conductor

*commissioned by the ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Commission Competition
Price: $14.00 USD

Music from SEAMUS • Volume 12

Curvature’ (2001) – Tom Lopez
so many days to be here (2002) – Kristi McGarity*
seven microworlds (2000) – Stephen Andrew Taylor
Gaesim (2002)* – Suk-Jum Kim
Interaction (2000) – Mei-Fang Lin
Night Visitors (2002) – Scott Wyatt
mutant (1999) – David Taddle

*commissioned by the ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Commission Competition
Price: $14.00 USD

Music from SEAMUS • Volume 13

Dreams in the Desert (2001) • Elainie Lillios for tape
Nocturne/Doubles (2001) • Benjamin Broening for piano and computer.
|Daniel Koppelman, piano
Sheremetyevo Airport Rock (2002) • Jon Appleton for tape
De Ligno Chalybeque (2003) Konstantinos Karathanasis for tape
Gerrymander (2002) Russell Pinkston for Bb clarinet and Max/MSP Gerard Errante, clarinet
The Sundering Seas (2002) Noel Paul for tape
Pre-Composition (2002) Mark Applebaum for 8channel performance (special stereo version)
Ascension (1988) James Mobberley for wind ensemble with electroacoustic music
Arizona State University Wind Ensemble – Gary Hill, conductor
Threnos (2001-2002) Larry Austin for real and virtual bass clarinets.
Michael Lowenstern, bass clarinetorton
Price: $14.00 USD

Music from SEAMUS volume 14

1. Craig Walsh: Terma (2003) [7:20]
composition for soprano and electroacoustic music
Stella Markou, soprano
2. Paul Rudy: Thema: Omaggio (2002) [8:53]
composition for electroacoustic music
3. Michael Drews: Broken Symmetry (2004) [7:20]
composition for oboe, piano and electroacoustic music
Marlen Vavrikova, oboe
David Psenicka, piano
4. Greg Beyer: Bahian Counterpoint (Homage to Steve Reich) Mvt. 3 (2002) [5:21]
composition for Berimbau, caxixi and electroacoustic music
performed by Greg Beyer
5. Luis Maurette: Surrender (2004) [9:58]
composition for electroacoustic music
6. Scott A. Wyatt: On a Roll (2004) [8:21]
composition for eight-channel performance (special stereo version)
7. Jon Christopher Nelson: l’Horloge imaginaire (2002) [10:22]
composition for eight-channel performance (special stereo version)
8. Russell Pinkston: Lizamander (2004) [8:24]
composition for flute and Max/MSP
Elizabeth McNutt, flute
9. Jomenico: Iteration 31 (2004) [4:00]
Three computers and an avant-garde classic.
Jomenico is Margaret Schedel, John P. Young, and Nick Collins

Music from SEAMUS volume 15

1. Andrew May: Chant/Songe (2004) [11:12]
composition for clarinet and computer
F. Gerard Errante, clarinet
2. Per Bloland: Elsewhere is a Negative Mirror, Part I (2005) [10:43]
composition for piano with electromagnets
Chryssie Nanou, piano
3. Lawrence Fritts: Musicometry I (2005) [6:37]
composition for clarinet and electronics
Esther Lamneck, clarinet
4. Suk-Jun Kim: What The Bird Saw (2004) [8:00]
composition for electroacoustic music
5. Christopher Ariza: onomatopoeticized (2004) [8:31]
composition for electroacoustic music
6. Jeffrey Stolet: Tokyo Lick (2002) [5:54]
composition for interactive environment
Jeffrey Stolet, performer
7. Pablo Furman: Etude (2002) [10:06]
composition for computer processed voice
8. Troy Rogers: Dubh Bringlóid (2004) [10:02]
composition for Scottish Highland Bagpipes and computer
Ben Hunter, bagpipes

Music from SEAMUS volume 16

1. Robert Rowe: Cigar Smoke (2004) [10:19]
composition for clarinet and interactive music system
Esther Lamneck, clarinet
2. Eric Lyon: Trajectories (2004) [7:35]
composition for 8-channel fixed media
3. Andrew Walters: Pushing Buttons (2005) [5:34]
composition for alto saxophone and electroacoustic music
Idit Shner, alto saxophone
4. Ben Hackbarth: hub (2005) [10:48]
composition for flute, piano, percussion and electronics
Kathleen Gallagher, flute
Katalin Lukács, piano
Greg Stuart, percussion
5. James Mobberley: VOX METALLICA (2006) [8:10]
composition for electroacoustic music
6. Seung-Hye Kim: Fluctuation (2004) [7:20]
composition for flute and computer
Kyungmi Lee, flute
7. Jeff Stadelman: Facet Delay (2004) [6:50]
composition for electroacoustic music
8. Ed Martin: Flurry (2006) [8:37]
composition for soprano saxophone and electroacoustic music
Michael Holmes, soprano saxophone

Music from SEAMUS volume 17

1. Daniel Weymouth: Unexpected Things (2006) [11:58]
composition for violin, piano, and electroacoustic accompaniment
Minghuan Xu, violin and Winston Choi, piano
2. Tom Lopez: Dirge for Déjà Vu (2007) [4:40]
composition for electroacoustic music
3. David Taddie: Tracer (2007) [7:31]
composition for piano with electroacoustic accompaniment
Mark George, piano
4. Kyong Mee Choi: It only needs to be seen (2007) [7:05]
composition for acoustic guitar with electroacoustic accompaniment
Timothy Ernest Johnson, acoustic guitar
5. Russell Pinkston: Gobo (2007) [7:19]
composition for oboe and electronic sounds
Rebecca Henderson, oboe
Christopher Hopkins: The Mirror of Enigma (Mirror Antiphonies II) (2004) [11:00]
composition for flute/alto flute, bass clarinet, marimba, harp, and electroacoustic sound
6. Videmus nunc per Speculum in Aenigmate
7. Images Fugitives
8. Transfiguration and Ecstasy
Sonja Giles, flute/alto flute, Patrick O’Keefe, bass clarinet, Barry Larkin, marimba,
Julia Jamieson, harp, Tyler Brown, electroacoustic sound, Christopher Hopkins, conductor
9. Scott A. Wyatt: A Road Beyond (2007) [8:15]
composition for trumpet with live processing and electroacoustic accompaniment
designed for eight-channel performance
Ronald Romm, trumpet
10. Arthur Kreiger: Joining Hands (2001) [9:04]
composition for hand percussion and electronic sounds
Michael Lipsey, percussion

Music from SEAMUS volume 18

1. Paul Rudy: Vastly Shrinking Space (2006) [14:20]
composition for cello and electroacoustic music
Madeleine Shapiro, cello
2. Gregory Cornelius: Earth and Green (2006) [6:15]
composition for electroacoustic music
3. Keith Kirchoff: The Adventures of Norby (2007) [13:48]
composition for piano and electroacoustic music
Keith Kirchoff, piano
[The distortion heard in this recording is intended by the composer]
4. Alexis Bacon: Cradle (2005) [8:29]
composition for alto saxophone and electroacoustic music
Dan Puccio, alto saxophone
5. Elainie Lillios: Veiled Resonance (2008) [14:10]
composition for soprano saxophone and live, interactive electroacoustics
Steve Duke, soprano saxophone
i. The Beauty of Inflections
ii. The Blackbird Whistling, (or just after…)
iii. The Beauty of Innuendos
6. John Gibson: Slumber (2006) [5:10]
composition for electroacoustic music
designed for 5.1 audio performance (stereo mix)
7. Allen Strange: Velocity Studies V: Ngate (2007) [7:23]
composition for seven trumpets in C
Stephen Ruppenthal, trumpet
Brian Belet, electronics