SoundCrawl:Nashville – Call for Scores

Calling all: electroacousticians, composers, musicians, sound artists, noise designers, aural engineers, audio tinkerers, etc., etc. from anywhere at any time.

To a: call for works for SoundCrawl:Nashville 2010. We are looking for stereo works not longer than 7 minutes in AIFF format. Submitted files must be titled as LastName_PieceTitle. Video projection is available this year in one space. Submitted video files must be formatted in h.264 .mp4 with the same time restrictions and stereo sound. There are no live performances.

The call: will be open from March 1st to August 1st, 2010.

To submit visit: our submission page. In an effort to go green we are accepting only online submissions this year. Submissions will be sent via and payment through our paypal account.

Details, details: Submissions must include a short biography of the artist and a program note of the work (both limited to 1,000 characters) and some technical info (software/hardware used, etc.). Cost of submission is $5 per work (major credit cards and foreign currencies are accepted). Works will be programmed together at “SoundStations” in various galleries and other spaces around downtown Nashville. A selection of the top pieces will be chosen for our “MainStage” in the center of the Arcade for performances throughout the evening.


04 2010

Everglade Records Call for Audio Art

everglade records and the Florida International University-Wolfsonian Museum announce a call for audio works related to the theme of speed. Slated for release to coincide with a forthcoming multi-museum exhibition entitled Speed Limits sponsored by the FIU-Wolfsonian Museum (Miami Beach) and the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA, Montreal), works submitted for publication consideration to the audio Speed Limits project can address one or more of the following issues with respect to speed: pace, traffic, construction, efficiency, motion, and mind+body. Selected works will be featured on a forthcoming DVD project.

For more information, please visit our website. Submissions must be received by June 1, 2010.


04 2010

EMM 2010 Call for Submission

In celebration of EMM’s 10th Anniversary, Kansas City Kansas Community College and Lewis University are pleased to announce a call for submissions for the Electronic Music Midwest Festival, to be held October 14-16 2010 at Lewis University.

Each concert will feature an 8.1 speaker diffusion system. Acclaimed flutist, Rebecca Ashe, will be the featured performer, and composers are encouraged to submit works for her consideration. Any composer regardless of region, age or nationality may submit one work for consideration in the following categories:

1) Composition for Flute and fixed media/electronics

2) Two channel works for fixed media

3) Up to Eight channel works for fixed media

4) Instrument(s) and fixed media or live electronics (composer to provide performers)

5) Works for video

6) Sound Installations and Interactive Media (composer to provide all non-standard equipment)

7) Live Laptop works

8) Live Interactive works

Deadline: June 1, 2010, postmark deadline (scores must arrive by June 12, 2010)

Entry Fee: none

Submission Guidelines:

1) For consideration, applicants must register and complete an online submission form available at Further submission guidelines are available upon submission registration.

2) Accepted formats for consideration are Audio-CD, DTS CD, DVD-Video,and DVD-Audio. Do not send Data CDs or Data DVDs. For adjudication purposes, multi-channel works (up to 8 channels) must be submitted as a stereo mix on audio CD. Submissions should clearly state requirements if a non-standard speaker configuration is required.

Note, “works in progress” will be considered if a substantial portion of the work is submitted. Composers and authors whose works are selected for this festival are required to submit a $40 registration fee upon selection and must agree to attend the festival. Regrettably, EMM is not able to offer travel stipends or honorariums to festival participants at this time.

Submitted works can only be returned if an SASE in enclosed, else they will be archived for future considerations. EMM is not able to consider works that do not conform to the guidelines outlined above.


03 2010

Kansas City Electronic Music and Arts Alliance (KcEMA) Call for Works

Deadline: May 1, 2010

Deadline type: receipt

Entry fee: none

Open to: no restrictions

KcEMA is currently accepting submissions for its 2010-11 concert season. KcEMA will present three to six concerts during the 2010-11 season in non-traditional venues that will feature compositions selected from this call for works. For consideration, applicants must complete an online submission form available at Further submission guidelines are available upon completion of the online submission form. You are given the option of submitting materials by mail, but we much prefer to review work online. While there is no limit to the number of submissions per individual, KcEMA’s artistic committee will spend no longer than 10 minutes reviewing the work of an individual during the initial review process.

Categories for submission:

1) 1-4 instruments (excluding piano) and fixed media-audio and/or video (up to eight channels)

2) 1-4 instruments (excluding piano) and live electronics-audio and/or video. Pieces that utilize Max 4 or 5, and pieces that utilize shareware will be considered (up to eight channels)

3) Fixed media—audio and/or video (up to eight channels)

4) Live Laptop/Interactive works. Pieces that utilize Max 4 or 5, and pieces that utilize shareware will be considered. (up to eight channels)

5) Sound Installations and Interactive Media (submitter to provide all non-standard equipment)

Preferences: KcEMA has a preference for works with a visual element or live instrument. However, we typically program at least one fixed media-audio work per concert.

Attendance: Attendance at the event is not required.

Notification: You will only by contacted if more information about your work is required or if KcEMA programs your work during the 2010-11 concert season. You will not be notified if your work is not selected for performance. If submitting materials by mail, your materials will not be returned.

Licensing: KcEMA will not rent parts or pay any fees directly to an individual. We will provide each composer with a PDF of the program that he or she can submit to ASCAP or BMI.

Questions: Please email questions to

About KcEMA: The Kansas City Electronic Music and Arts Alliance was founded in 2007 to encourage and develop understanding and appreciation of electronic music and to create an expansive sense of community for electronic musicians and other artists in the Kansas City Area. KcEMA organizes concerts of electronic music and collaborative projects with generative and performing artists. KcEMA provides a forum for electronic musicians and artists in other media to collaborate, exchange ideas, and grow as an interactive, supportive community.


02 2010


The First Annual NCAEaEAS-RBNMF Festival (North Carolina Acoustic, Electronic and Electro Acoustic Student-Run Brand New Music Festival Festival) will be held at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro on April 19th and 20th, 2010. The festival is hosted by the UNC-G student chapter of the Society of Composers, Inc. and is intended to be an outlet for musical expression not typically found in the classical concert hall. In addition to concerts of student works, there will be a concert and master classes featuring cellist Madeleine Shapiro.

- Student composers are invited to submit their own original compositions. Works to be considered include, but are not limited to, solo or chamber instrumental works, pieces for solo instrument with electronic accompaniment, music for digital media, and compositions for interactive or live electronics.
- Once selected, composers are expected to attend the festival and supply their own performers.
- There is no cash prize, but a recording of the performance will be supplied to the composers after the festival.
- There is no fee to submit works.
- Submissions must be received by March 1st, 2010

To submit works for consideration please send a brief bio, score, and recording of the work to:

c/o Andrew Weathers
1404 W. Friendly Ave
Greensboro, NC 27403

for more info write us at uncgsci (at) gmail (dot) com or check out

Deadline: March 1, 2010


01 2010

Megapolis Audio Festival 2010

hello artists, musicians, documentarians, and other sonic explorers,
this is an open call for submissions to the 2010 megapolis audio
festival, taking place in baltimore, merryland, may 14-16.
we’re looking for all things sound: circuit bending / noisemaker
constructions, sonic slumber parties, free-form audio editing
sessions, interactive demonstrations, experimental musical practice
and theory, film with a heavy audio component, musical performances,
subversive audio tours, (un-boring) lectures, and whatever else your
brain births.

Deadline: February 14, 2010


12 2009

Sound, Sight, Space and Play 2010

Postgraduate Conference for the Creative Sonic Arts
Wednesday 2nd – Friday 4th June 2010
Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre,
De Montfort University, Leicester, United Kingdom

Exploring the Future of the Sonic Arts

We would like to invite you to take part in Sound, Sight, Space and Play
(SSSP) 2010, a conference for postgraduate students working in the creative
sonic arts, organised by postgraduate students of the Music Technology and
Innovation Research Centre (MTIRC), De Montfort University. The ideals of
this event are to stimulate co-operation and inspiration between
postgraduate students, across institutional boundaries, leading to new
perspectives on current works and research. We encourage submission of
papers and creative work, both completed and in progress, for presentation
over the course of the event. This year’s event has the theme “Exploring the
Future of the Sonic Arts” and aims to investigate this critical topic
through all forms of submissions and a roundtable discussion.

Deadline: February 1, 2010


12 2009

Comité Organizador XIII Festival Internacional de Música Electroacústica

There will be accepted propositions of electroacoustic works for tape only; mixed techniques for flute, saxophone, trombone, piano, guitar and violin and combinations of the said instruments; mixed works for percussion (except for works requiring percussion instruments to be provided by the Organizing Committee); performances with live electronics and audiovisuals.

Except for sound art works and creations of electronic music by DJ’s, the duration of the pieces should not exceed 10 minutes.

Those interested should submit via e-mail:
- A description of the proposition (program notes -no more than 200 words-, technical requirements)
- Biography (no more than 200 words)
- Digital photograph of the composer or performer
- Contact information (private address, e-mail)

Our e-mail: Lnme (at)

Via postal mail:
- Works in CD or DVD format (NTSC standard in the case of video)
- Scores and other required complementary materials.

Our address:
Comité Organizador XIII Festival Internacional de Música Electroacústica. Calle 17 esq.
a i No. 260, Primer piso,
Vedado, C. Habana, CP 10400, Cuba.

Deadline for reception is Tuesday, December 15th, 2009.


12 2009