Preliminary Announcement and Call for Participation – ICAD 2012

The 18th International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD2012) will be held June 18-22, 2012, at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the heart of midtown Atlanta, Georgia. The event will mark the 20th anniversary of the 1st International Conference on Auditory Display. Since 1992, ICAD has been the premier international venue for the dissemination and discussion of work related to the science, art, and practice of sound as a communicative display. Through its active Sonification Lab and Center for Music Technology, Georgia Tech is pleased to host ICAD’s vibrant community of researchers and practitioners on its campus.

Proposals for Workshops, Tutorials, and Discussion Panels

The organizing committee seeks proposals for workshops, tutorials, and panel discussions. Workshops and special sessions will be held June 17, 2012. Please send brief (1 page) proposals for workshops to the General Chair, Bruce Walker ( by November 15, 2011. Proposals should include the name(s) and full contact information for the panel chair (or co-chairs), a brief overview of the content of the proposed session, an estimated number of participants, and a list of relevant logistical needs for conducting the session (e.g., requirements for computer or audio equipment, etc.).

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10 2011

New SEAMUS Newsletter is here! (Oct/Nov 2010)

The latest issue of the SEAMUS Newsletter is available for download here.

There’s an interview with Mike Rosenstark, where he discusses Limited Feedback Interaction, which is a fascinating way of producing improvised electronic music.   Also in this issue are CD reviews, a preview of the HighC program, and the usual member news.


Anthony Cornicello


11 2010

January 2010 SEAMUS Newsletter

In this first issue of 2010, I’ve brought together more reviews of diverse material.  While some organizations prefer to include only recordings of its membership in reviews, my approach is to bring a variety of material to the attention of our readers. In this spirit, I bring to you a CD by the Japanese composer Miyuki Ito, not very well known in this country.  Also for review in this issue is a review of a recent 3-DVD set of releases by the McLean Mix.

The other review is of a web site whose contents may alarm some at first glance. The Avant Garde Project is a site that is dedicated to re-distributing out-of-print recordings. Most of the recordings are from the mid-century LP era, and most fall under the general category of Modernist “Classical” Avant Garde, although some recordings of improvised music (Derek Bailey, for instance).  There are some recent recordings as well.  It should be known that the proprietor of the site has declared that only out-of-print materials will appear on the site.  If a recording has been re-issued unbeknownst to him, it will be removed.  Indeed, if you look through the offerings, you will find several instances where particular tracks have been removed from circulation.  The music is available in FLAC format as well as MP3.  I’m hoping to make Jay Batzner’s review a regular part of the SEAMUS Newsletter – considering there are 150+ recordings, I’d say we have a lot of material from which to work!

You can read about it  here.


Anthony Cornicello


02 2010