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The main focus of this issue is the review of the Max Conference held in Brooklyn in October, 2011.  As opposed to many conferences that I have attended (SEAMUS, for instance), this was a more technical event.  The main focus was on programing, gear, and a variety of extensions to the Max environment.  Surprisingly, there was little music played!

Of course, the main focus was on the imminent release of Max 6.  We were able to download a preview demo of the latest upgrade, and it certainly looks exciting.  There are many new features, including a newly designed editor with a tool that allows you to select objects from a list within Max.  The new Gen object appears to have a multitude of functions that enhance speed and portability of Max patches.   Thanks to Lief Ellis, who wrote the proverbial lion’s share of the concert review.

Many of us have used CSound in the past – back in the days when a ‘text-driven’ program was the only option.  The program has continued to evolve, and the latest incarnation comes to us in the form of a plug-in for Ableton Live.  The plug-in is reviewed in this issue, thanks to Mark Zaki.

As usual, there is the Member News, which includes announcements of recent performances, recordings, and other news items.

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02 2012

Call for Piano and Electronics Scores

Kansas City based pianist Kari Johnson has opened a Call for Scores for possible performance and inclusion in a research paper. In an attempt to make electroacoustic performance more popular among pianists, Ms. Johnson is researching works for piano and live electronics, with a focus on works that use Max5 or Max/MSP. Works may be selected for performance in the 2011-2012 concert season and/or inclusion in a research paper and presentation.

  • Deadline: Preferential treatment will be given to works received by March 21, 2011
  • Deadline type: receipt
  • Entry fee: none
  • Open to: no restrictions

· Composers may submit any number of scores
· Submissions must be for piano and live electronics
· Works must use Max5 or Max/MSP
· Chamber works with piano will not be considered.
· Works including video will be considered

Process for submission:
· All submissions should be electronic and sent to
· Submissions should include:
o A PDF file of the score as an attachment to:
o A Zip file of the Max Patch. You may upload the file to a website for download (including yousendit, mega-upload, or any other server).
o An mp3 or link to a recording or MIDI realization is encouraged.
o contact information
o brief bio
o program notes

Attendance: Attendance at events is not required.

Notification: You will only by contacted if more information about your work is required or if your work is chosen for programming or reference in the paper. You will not be notified if your work is not selected for performance.

Questions: Please email questions to karijohnsonpiano (at)


02 2011