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The main focus of this issue is the review of the Max Conference held in Brooklyn in October, 2011.  As opposed to many conferences that I have attended (SEAMUS, for instance), this was a more technical event.  The main focus was on programing, gear, and a variety of extensions to the Max environment.  Surprisingly, there was little music played!

Of course, the main focus was on the imminent release of Max 6.  We were able to download a preview demo of the latest upgrade, and it certainly looks exciting.  There are many new features, including a newly designed editor with a tool that allows you to select objects from a list within Max.  The new Gen object appears to have a multitude of functions that enhance speed and portability of Max patches.   Thanks to Lief Ellis, who wrote the proverbial lion’s share of the concert review.

Many of us have used CSound in the past – back in the days when a ‘text-driven’ program was the only option.  The program has continued to evolve, and the latest incarnation comes to us in the form of a plug-in for Ableton Live.  The plug-in is reviewed in this issue, thanks to Mark Zaki.

As usual, there is the Member News, which includes announcements of recent performances, recordings, and other news items.

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02 2012

October 2011 issue of SEAMUS Newsletter

The latest issue of the SEAMUS Newsletter is here – a tribute to Max Matthews (with contributions by Jon Appleton, Jean-Claude Risset, and Mari Kimura), and a few other announcements.

You can read it all here:


Anthony Cornicello


10 2011

New SEAMUS Newsletter is here! (Oct/Nov 2010)

The latest issue of the SEAMUS Newsletter is available for download here.

There’s an interview with Mike Rosenstark, where he discusses Limited Feedback Interaction, which is a fascinating way of producing improvised electronic music.   Also in this issue are CD reviews, a preview of the HighC program, and the usual member news.


Anthony Cornicello


11 2010

January 2010 SEAMUS Newsletter

In this first issue of 2010, I’ve brought together more reviews of diverse material.  While some organizations prefer to include only recordings of its membership in reviews, my approach is to bring a variety of material to the attention of our readers. In this spirit, I bring to you a CD by the Japanese composer Miyuki Ito, not very well known in this country.  Also for review in this issue is a review of a recent 3-DVD set of releases by the McLean Mix.

The other review is of a web site whose contents may alarm some at first glance. The Avant Garde Project is a site that is dedicated to re-distributing out-of-print recordings. Most of the recordings are from the mid-century LP era, and most fall under the general category of Modernist “Classical” Avant Garde, although some recordings of improvised music (Derek Bailey, for instance).  There are some recent recordings as well.  It should be known that the proprietor of the site has declared that only out-of-print materials will appear on the site.  If a recording has been re-issued unbeknownst to him, it will be removed.  Indeed, if you look through the offerings, you will find several instances where particular tracks have been removed from circulation.  The music is available in FLAC format as well as MP3.  I’m hoping to make Jay Batzner’s review a regular part of the SEAMUS Newsletter – considering there are 150+ recordings, I’d say we have a lot of material from which to work!

You can read about it  here.


Anthony Cornicello


02 2010

SEAMUS Newsletter for October

The last issue of 2009 features two reviews, as well as Member News and updated information on the 2010 SEAMUS Conference.

The San Francisco Tape Music Center was a hotbed of activity in the 1960s, and a book covering it’s activities is long overdue. Former SEAMUS Newsletter Editor Kurt Stallmann reviews the 2008 book that was edited by David Bernstein.

Also in this issue, Jorge Variego has produced a review of the 2009 edition of the Sonoimagenes festival. The festival, which has been in existence since 2000, presents electroacoustic music predominantly from South and Central America. This article is particularly informative as many of these composers are not well known in the United States.


12 2009

SEAMUS Newsletter for August

A Tale of Two Austins…

Yes, in this issue, we have interviews with Larry Austin (part two), and Kevin Austin.

I should mention that Larry Austin is now out of the hospital, and well on the road to recovery, news that I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear.

The interview with Kevin Austin was conducted by Evan Merz. The focus of the conversation is Stockhausen’s monumental Kontakte, a work which has fascinated Kevin since he first heard it more than 40 years ago. His analysis of the work has produced a listening guide, which truly sheds new light on to the piece.

I’d like to call to your attention the new names on the SEAMUS board. Please welcome Evan Merz as our new SEAMUS webmaster, Sam Heuck, the new database manager, John Lato, who will serve as our email list coordinator, and Gary Knudson, who takes on the job of webmaster for the SEAMUS Journal.


10 2009