31st IAWM Search for New Music by Women Composers 2012 Competition

Receipt Deadline: March 15, 2012

Ruth Anderson Prize ($1,000)
Commission for a new sound installation with electro-acoustic music
To apply, submit a detailed proposal of the sound installation. The project must be completed within 12 months of notification of the award. The prize may include the opportunity to work with a mentor who has previous installation experience. The winner will receive the award money after submitting a report to IAWM following the public showing of the completed installation. Location of the installation may be, but is not restricted to, an IAWM annual concert or congress.

Theodore Front Prize ($300)
(minimum age – twenty-two)
Chamber and orchestral works
Sponsored by Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc.

Miriam Gideon Prize ($500)
(minimum age – fifty)
Works for solo voice and one to five instruments

Sylvia Glickman Memorial Prize ($500)
(minimum age – forty)
Works for piano trio or quartet, or any combination of 4 instruments drawing from woodwinds, strings, and piano. The work must be unpublished with no professional performance.
Given by Harvey Glickman in memory of his wife and supported by the Hildegard Institute.

Libby Larsen Prize ($200)
(must be currently enrolled in school)
Works for any medium

New Genre Prize ($200)
For innovation in form or style, including improvisation, multimedia, use of non-traditional notation. If no score is used, a description of the work and its structure must accompany the audio CD or DVD.

Pauline Oliveros Prize ($150)
Works for electro-acoustic media

PatsyLu Prize ($500)
(for women of color and/or lesbians)
Works for any medium

Judith Lang Zaimont Prize ($400)
(minimum age – thirty, whose music has not yet been recorded or published)
Extended instrumental compositions: large solo or chamber works

Ellen Taaffe Zwilich Prize ($200)
(maximum age – twenty-one)
Works for any medium

Each prize category has its own monetary award as indicated.

Competition Requirements and Rules:

Contestants must be IAWM members or must join before entering ($55.00 individual, $30 student, $45 senior 65 and over). If you are not a member, include a check for membership with your submission or follow the instructions on the IAWM website for becoming a member and paying via Paypal. Paying online via Paypal is recommended to avoid problems cashing checks, especially for members outside the United States.

For current members, remember that the membership year begins January 1. Please check that your dues are up-to-date for 2012.

IMPORTANT: If you are not a member, your entry will not be considered

A composer may submit only one piece in any given year in only one chosen category. Please do not send more than one composition total. Winners of previous SNM Awards cannot apply for two years subsequent to their award (for 2012, this includes winners of the 2010 and 2011 competitions). There is no restriction on submissions for those who received honorable mentions.

The work submitted must be unpublished by a major publishing house and must have won no prior awards at the time of entry in the competition. Self-published works are allowed. For the Zaimont Prize, the work must also have no plans to be professionally recorded when it is submitted. The Glickman Prize requires the work to be unpublished and unperformed.

No scores or recordings will be returned.

IAWM reserves the right to withhold an award, should the judging panel so recommend.

Contact the Search for New Music Coordinator with questions by sending email tosnm@iawm.org. For 2012, the coordinator is Pamela Marshall.

More Information:

For more information, see http://www.iawm.org/snm_2012.htm


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