Founded in 1984, The Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) is a non-profit national organization of composers, performers, and teachers of electro-acoustic music representing every part of the country and virtually every musical style. Electro-Acoustic music is a term used to describe those musics which are dependent on electronic technology for their creation and/or performance. Many members of SEAMUS, like Jon Appleton, the guiding light in the conception of the Synclavier, are recognized world leaders in their fields. All are dedicated to the use of the most advanced technology as the tools of their trade.

SEAMUS seeks to provide a broad forum for those involved or interested in electronic music. Through its journal, newsletter, national meetings, and its national archive at the University of Texas, SEAMUS seeks to increase communication among the diverse constituency of the relatively new music medium.

The Society's objectives include:

To encourage the composition and performance of electro-acoustic music
To develop a network for technical information and support
To promote concerts and radio broadcasts of electro-acoustic music both in the US and abroad
To create an exchange of information through newsletters and other means of communication
To establish and maintain a national archive and information center for electro-acoustic music
To attract a wide diversity of members and supporters
To advocate licensing and copyright concerns

SEAMUS strives to address not only relevant technology but also the non-technical issues pertinent to the electro- acoustic music community. In a field usually dominated by technical concerns, it is refreshing to hear paper sessions devoted to aesthetics, collaboration, education and of the ethical and social issues facing electro-acoustic musicians. The provocative sessions provide fuel for lively discussions during the national meetings.

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