SEAMUS 2007 National Conference

The 2007 SEAMUS National Conference was held March 8-10, 2007 at Iowa State University and was an overwhelming success. Congratulations to Christopher Hopkins and his staff and many thanks for a fantastic SEAMUS experience.

For those of you who could not attend the conference and for those of you who would like to re-experience portions of it, here are a few of the highlights.

Lifetime Achievement Honoree
Joel Chadabe
Listen to an mp3 excerpt from Joel's composition "Solo".

Conference Program
The beautifully crafted conference program is available as a PDF


(mp3 versions)
John R. Akins Striking Resemblance
Ivico Ico Bukvic Structured Improvisation 1 - Chalybs
Miguel Chuaqui Mareas
Brad Decker Bembero
Orlando Jacinto Garcia Paisaje del Sonido (Soundscapes) I
Douglas Geers Ripples
John Gibson sLowlife
Christopher Hopkins The Mirror of Enigma
Hubert Howe Macro Structure 2
Joseph Klein Three Poems From Felt
Orlando Legname Schizotronics
Tom Lopez Dirge For Memory
Scott Miller  Chimera No. 2.1
Michael Rhoades Release!
Paul Rudy November Sycamore
Mitchell Turner A La Feminisca Berio Remix 2
Tom Williams Smallcoombe Spring
Mark Zaki Down Every Company of Dreams


(Quicktime versions)
Sylvia Pengilly Unperceived Dimensions (Part 3)
Maurice Wright OCTET

Papers                       (pdf versions)
Arne Eigenfeldt
Encoding Musical Knowledge in Software Performance Tools

David Kim-Boyle
Spectral and Granular Spatialization with Boids

Joseph Koykkar
An Exploration of Cosmic Code

David Wetzel
Building a Sustainable Repertoire


2007 ASCAP / SEAMUS Student
Commission Award Recipients

On behalf of ASCAP and the entire SEAMUS membership , the Board of Directors would like to recognize and congratulate our 2007 ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Commission Award recipients. There are mp3 versions of their compositions below.

Alexis Bacon - 1st Prize - Cradle
Kirsten Volness - 2nd Prize - Gaia