Policy Statement 2 - Membership

PS 2 Membership

2.0 Definition

Membership is open to individuals and institutions who support the goals and missions of the society. Membership in SEAMUS provides the following benefits:

the SEAMUS Newsletter
the Journal SEAMUS
issues of the SEAMUS CD Series upon release
discounts for registration and conference fees at the National Conference.
free submission to National Conference
access to the SEAMUSONLINE members area
access to SEAMUS L list server
information regarding upcoming electro-acoustic events of significance including the national and regional conferences.

Members may include at their option a subscription to the seamus-l electronic mailing list, and inclusion of their web page in the SEAMUS On-Line web service.

Membership is defined through the payment of dues to the Society. A member in good standing is defined as one whose dues have been paid. SEAMUS membership is valid for a twelve-month period only, running September 1st to August 31st, irrespective of the date of application. Membership is renewable on an annual basis. Dues will not be pro-rated for mid-period applications. Annual dues are payable in advance, and considered due on August 31. Dues should be paid by December 31 or the memberís account will be considered delinquent, and the member will no longer be in good standing.

Members must be in good standing to receive any of the benefits defined in the paragraph. For example, members are entitled to an issue of the Compact Disc Series if they are in good standing at the time of the CD's release. Memberships are defined on four levels: Regular, Student, Institution/Library and Honorary Member.

2.1 Individual and Student Memberships

Any individual who is a citizen or legal resident of the US may join as individual or student member. Student memberships are only available to individuals currently enrolled in courses of study at a high school, college or university. Proof of enrollment (student ID card, transcript) is required for student memberships. All other individuals join as regular members.

2.2 Institutional Memberships

Libraries, institutions, and organizations may join SEAMUS as institutional members, and are entitled to all of the benefits described in paragraph 2.0. Institutional members do not have voting privileges.

2.3 Honorary Memberships

Individuals and institutions may be given honorary memberships. Honorary members are entitled to all benefits described in paragraph 2.0.

Recipients of the SEAMUS LIfetime Achievement Award are automatically given an honorary membership. If they are current members of SEAMUS, their membership is converted to honorary lifetime status, effective when the current membership expires. Other individuals and institutions may be given honorary memberships only with the approval of the President and Board of Directors.

Individual and institutional honorary memberships are valid at the discretion of the President and Board of Directors. Honorary memberships are valid for the member's lifetime.

2.4 Associate Memberships

Associate Memberships are available to any individual who supports the goals and missions of the society, but is not a citizen or legal resident of the United States. Associate members are entitled to all benefits described in paragraph 2.0, but do not have voting privileges.

2.5 Membership Dues

Dues for membership in SEAMUS are as follows:

Individual Member $45
Student Member $25
Senior Member (over 65) $35
Institutional Member $50
International Associate (non-US citizen living outside of US) $45
members living outside of US - add $5 to any of the above

There is an international membership surcharge of $5 for all memberships whose mailing address is outside of the United States. Memberships are valid for one year upon their receipt. Regular memberships are considered professional expenses and may be tax deductable.

2.6 Sustaining Memberships

Individuals who contribute to SEAMUS at levels above the regular membership dues are considered to be Sustaining Members. There are four levels of sustaining member, based on the amount of contribution to the society. The levels are:

SEAMUS FRIEND ($75 and above)
SEAMUS DONOR ($150 and above)
SEAMUS SPONSOR ($300 and above)
SEAMUS PATRON ($600 and above)

Sustaining members are acknowledged in the JournalSEAMUS, the SEAMUS Newsletter and SEAMUS On-Line. A sustaining membership is valid for one year. Sustaining members are entitled to all benefits listed in paragraph 2.0.

2.7 Membership List

The list of current members and their addresses is a protected resource. It is not to be distributed to any outside organization or company. Exceptions to this policy are granted where the requesting organization or company is a non-profit entity and it provides a service, resource or product of value and relevance to SEAMUS members. Organizations or companies which fulfill this exception criteria may also distribute their materials electronically to members through the seamus-l electronic mailing list.