Michael Rhoades:
SEAMUS Webmaster 

Michael Rhoades elicits musical events from a synthesis of generative algorithms and an ever-expanding Csound sample playback instrument. Numerical representations of aural quanta are mixed and blended into formal elements using varied catalysts such as score based sampling, mathematical equations and other paradigms including cellular automata. Main compositional tools include Csound, Cmask, Mathematica, Excel, MetaSynth, AbSynth, Sonar and Sound Forge. He is currently composing his 15th CD titled “POSETS (Partially Ordered Sets)”.

Michael is employed as a Systems Administrator at Sweetwater Sound. Areas of responsibility include administration of email and web servers, spam filters, firewalls, switches and routers. In addition, he administers and programs a telephone call center system for over 200 clients. He also assists in the administration of over 200 client workstation computers. These duties require involvement with various Windows, MAC, Linux, UNIX and CISCO operating systems.

Michael is honored to be serving as the SEAMUS Webmaster and as member of the board of directors. He is also hosting SEAMUS 2009 National Conference at Sweetwater and is the curator of the monthly Sweetwater Electroacoustic Music Concert Series.

For more information and mp3 sound files visit his web site at The Perception Factory.