Minutes from SEAMUS General Meeting 1 • November, 1984

At an organizational meeting on November 9, 1984, the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States was founded by the following composers:

Jon Appleton, Dartmouth College
Bebe Barron, Los Angeles
Thom Blum, Computer Music Association
Frederick Lesemann, University of Southern California
Russell Pinkston, University of Texas at Austin
Felix Powell, University of Maryland
Barry Schrader, California Institute of the Arts
George Todd, Middlebury College
George Balch Wilson, University of Michigan
Richard Zvonar, Mills College

The meeting occurred at the California Institute of the Arts and included the presence of several visitors (Steven Montague of the Electro-Acoustic Music Association of Great Britain, Carl Stone of New Music America, and Frank Royon le Mee of Paris, France). The meeting began with opening remarks by Barry Schrader and a welcome from Frans van Rossum, Dean of the CalArts School of Music. Letters from Hugh Davies and Gordon Mumma were read to the assembled group, conveying the writers' opinions about the aims of the proposed organization. Jon Appleton presented a report on the history and activities of the International Confederation for ElectroacousticMusic (ICEM/CIME) and that the international organization had become a member of the International Music Council under UNESCO. Russell Pinkston then reported on the possibility of establishing an archive for electro-acoustic music at the University of Texas at Austin. Reasons for choosing this site included the fact that the University of Texas had already installed the necessary computer facilities and programs as well as the likely possibility that money might be available on the campus for developing this project. The following officers for the organization were elected:

Barry Schrader, president
George Balch Wilson, vice president for membership
Russell Pinkston, vice president for publications
Felix Powell, vice president for programs
Bebe Barron, secretary
Frederick Lesemann, treasurer

Plans were then discussed to announce the founding of the organization and the following goals were outlined:

1) to encourage and actively foster the composition and dissemination of electro-acoustic music
2) to improve the licensing situation for electro-acoustic music and to apprise the membership of current procedures
3) to encourage radio broadcasts of electro-acoustic music
4) to solicit grants from various organizations for the furtherance of electro-acoustic music
5) to attract a wide diversity of members and supporters both in and outside of academic institutions
6) to publicize activities of electro-acoustic music
7) to appeal to the United States Information Service and Voice of America to program more electro-acoustic music
8) to develop a method for technical support
9) to establish an archive and information center for electro-acoustic music
10) to publish a newsletter

Leon Alexander, a prominent Los Angeles attorney, assisted in the incorporation of SEAMUS as a non-profit corporation. The first national conference was set for November 8 - 10, 1985 at the California Institute of the Arts to take place comcomitantly with the closing of the 1985 Los Angeles New Music America Festival, which also was hosted by CalArts.